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And Now for Something Completely Different...

Paddle Tennis, also called Platform Tennis, is a fast growing sport in the Midwest. Dunham has offered this outdoor, cool and cold weather sport for nearly 30 years. It is a great extension of regular tennis for the fall, winter and spring seasons. It differs from regular tennis in that the courts are less than half the size and are surrounded with tight wire screens which are used in play. In this manner you add the elements of Racquetball and Squash.

Construction of the balls is different for weather purposes, only one serve is allowed and let serves are played, but most everything else is similar. The courts are raised above the ground for heaters to melt any precipitation. Snow can be shoveled off the courts underneath the screens. The sport is great for both social and competitive play. Depending on the weather, most players dress in layers, remove them gradually, and you really can work up a sweat if you like.

At DWRC we have groups of players that get together almost every night of the week as well as on weekends. The Warming Hut, with a stocked bar attached to the two lighted courts, offers the opportunity for socializing during and after play. In addition, many players retire to the Club Bar or Tack Room for relaxation, cocktails and snacks. Some members reserve the courts for a period of time for a business event and may have dinner at the Club afterwards. Food & beverage service can be arranged by the Club Kitchen in the Warming Hut.